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The best Sarasota Car Wash in the country, serving Sarasota, Bradenton, Lakewood Ranch and all surrounding areas

We do Full Oil changes at University Auto Spa using quality oils.
The best, cheapest and most comprehensive oil change in Bradenton, Sarasota, Parrish, Ellenton  and Manatee County

Coolant and Transmission fluid flushes adn A/C Recharge

Have a Free Coffee, check wifi, read a magazine or watch TV whilst having your car washed

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Services such as Auti Wash, detailing, Oil changes, transmission flushes, coolant flushes etc. All at Great Prices.

Our extensive range of services start from as little ast $15.95 up to full Total Car detail at a staggering low price of $139.95 this includes a Full Service Car Wash., Detailing at our customised detailing center.

Wash Services

All washes include interior vacuuming, interior and exterior window cleaning. Dusting the dash and console, soft cloth exterior wash and hand towel drying, fragrance. Prices will vary based on size and condition of vehicle, typically oversized vehicles cost $1.00 extra.

The Palm's Spa $15.95

The Saturnia Spa
( Palm's Package plus Wheel Brite (Clean), Under Chassis Wash, Air Freshener. )

The Greenbrier Spa
( Saturnia package plus 3 step Conditioner, Clear Coat Protectant, Tire Shine )

Canyon Reach
( Greenbrier Spa plus exterior trim & dash+door conditioner )


Hand Wax

Prices will vary based on size and condition of vehicle.

Cars $44.95

Small SUVS'sThe Saturnia Spa

Large SUV's and Trucks $64.95+

Wash Add Ons

Prices will vary based on size and condition of vehicle.

Rain X $3.00

Bug block

Wheel brite (Clean) $4.00

Tire Conditioner (Shine)

Shampoo mats (Pair) $5.00
Dash and Door Cleaner & Condtioner $10.00 & Up
Lexol Clean & Condition Leather Seats Varies
Hand wash $39.95 & Up

Detail Services

All prices include Palm Spa Wash. Prices will vary based on size and condition of vehicle

Meguiars Hand Wax $44.95

Carpet Shampoo+Mats

Interior Total Clean $99.95

Liquid glass (2 coat)

Lexol Seat Cleaning and Conditioning $49.95
Total Clean & Wax $139.95

Fluid Services

Preventative maintenance per your vehicles manufacturer's recommendations will help maintain your vehicles warranty. Prices detailed are for most vehicles, enquire at Customer Service for exact price.

Automatic Transmission Fluid
( 100% Fluid replacement. Synthetic Fluid extends the life of your transmission.)

$109.95 &Up

Coolant Replacement
( 100% Coolant/Antifreeze change. Prevents corrosion. Protection from Florida heat. )

Serpentine Belt Replacement
( Protects against belt failure )
$59.95 &Up

Fuel Filter (Gasoline & Diesel)
( Restores lost performance and fuel economy )

$29.95 & Up

Differential Fluid Replacement
(Synthetic fluid also available, required on some applications

Power Steering Flush $49.95
A/C Recharge $109.95

Full Service Oil Change

Includes changing the oil and filter with 5qts of Pennnzoil motor oil, checking the tires, checking the underhood fluids, checking the air filtration system,lights, belts and wipers. Prices detailed are for most vehicles, enquire at Customer Service for exact price.

( America's number one selling oil )


Pennzoil Higher Mileage
( Made for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more. Reduces Oil Consumption,softens seals )


Pennzoil Semi-Synthetic / SUV
( Blended synthetic. Approaches the benefit of a full synthetic, but at a reduced price )

Pennzoil Platinum Full Synthetic $62.95*

Pennzoil Ultra Synthetic
( Fully synthetic oil. Superior hot weather protection. No inpurities. Best oil available.
*Some vehicles will be extra. )


OIL Service Add On's

Engine Air Filter
( clean air is essential for long engine life )

$14.95 &Up

Interior Cabin ( A/C) Filter
( Ask if your vehicles has one )


Wiper Blades
(For Safety, change wipers every 6 months )

$8.95 & Up


$9.95 & Up

* Upto 5qts oil, $1.00 Environmental fee

** Canister and specialty filters may be extra

All prices plus tax



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